A local Costa Rican church, led by Pastor Jorge & Elizabeth Gomez, spearheads the Abraham Project.  This project, designed to reach out to the hurting and lost, was initiated by a few locals and very little money. 

It has since grown into a major effort as more people have joined arms to complete the task at hand.  The project is located in Villas de Ayarco, which is an outlying community of Tres Rios, Cartago, Costa Rica, which is only about 25 minutes from San José, the capital of Costa Rica.

God’s Provision

From the very beginning of the Abraham Project, we have witnessed God’s financial provision in ways that defy conventional wisdom:

—Stephen Thomas’s father passing away in 1999 and as a result the church he founded decided to donate enough money to build the first children’s home.

—The Japanese Embassy donating $89,991 to help construct one of the children’s homes.

—The many different companies that have provided huge discounts on building materials.

—The company contributing wood that we recycled and used to build much of the project.

—Two generous donations of $270,000 to purchase the land for Phase II.

—A small church has grown to over 400 members, a daycare now has approximately 225 children enrolled, two children’s homes are in full operation. Lives of many people are being transformed as they learn of God’s immense love for them. God is faithful!