School Days, School Days, Good Ole' Golden Rule Days!

Stephen’s mom, Connie Thomas, has been visiting the Abraham Project for a number of years.  Each time, she teaches ESL in the daycare center.  Connie incorporates many teaching tools in order to make class fun and interesting for the children of our community.  In this way, she teaches the children basic skills and knowledge of the English language.  She also uses God’s Word as an important tool in her lessons.  She is a gifted teacher who truly has a missionary heart. Using the iPad to sing songs with the kids.

Lexi’s back!  She returned to Costa Rica this month (March) and will be serving as an intern here at the A.P. until May.  Lexi is always available to do anything we need around here. She has been helping Miss Connie with her ESL classes and has been a huge asset to the team!

Lexi is helping some of the kids with their "B U G" craft.

Getting individualized attention!