Wet & Wild Adventure!

After a dynamic week of VBS, the group from Grace Community treated the house parents and all of the children to a wet & wild field trip to a water park!  It was the first time many of our kids had been to anything like this.  It was a blessing for our houseparents as well, since the team members took charge of the children and watched over them all day long. The kids enjoyed themselves on countless water slides on the premises, the pools, and many different attractions.




We are so grateful for this opportunity to create special memories for the children!

VBS with GCC

Hey everyone, we are wrapping up an intense week of Vacation Bible School (VBS) with our friends from Grace Community Chapel (GCC) in New Jersey.  This week we hosted nearly 400 kids here at the Abraham Project, where they learned that they were created for a special purpose! The team came fully prepared with hip-hop dancing, arts & crafts, games, karate classes, relay races, balloons, and the incredible Word of God!

We began each day with group worship in both English and Spanish.

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The kids enjoyed activities at different stations.

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Every afternoon we closed up with more worship.  It was amazing to see God work in each open heart.

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We extend a heartfelt "Thank you" to our friends from GCC and our staff here at the Abraham Project whose hard work, dedication, and prayers made all of this possible!

And the King will answer and say to them, ‘Assuredly, I say to you, inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me.’

Matthew 25:40

Bowling Fun!

Today the team took our kids on a field trip ... to the bowling alley.  Our kids had never been before, so this was a totally new experience for all of them!


Even the smallest kids enjoyed themselves.


... and the big kids too! (There's big Steve doing his thing)


  Afterwards, we had lunch and headed home.  Our house parents and the kids had such a good time we'll have to go back soon!

VBS Camp with Team GCC!

During our mid-year break from school, the Abraham Project and Grace Community Chapel hosted a 4 day VBS Camp.  We invited all of the children in the daycare plus kids from our "barrio" (neighborhood) to attend this event.  On the first day, we received 400 children!  Needless to say, all hands were on deck!  The kids learned worship songs (in English and in Spanish), enjoyed some Hip-hop, crafts, sports, and more!  Thanks to our friends in New Jersey that come prepared and willing to serve our community of Villas de Ayarco!


Rincón de Osa

We're back!  It's been a couple of years, but with Southside Christian Church's team we went back to Rincón de Osa in the southern pacific area of the country (a six hour drive from San José).  We returned to help Pastor Porfidio finish out their new bathrooms, wire the electrical, and finish up the roof.  In the 3 days we were there we got a lot accomplished! We worked ....


We played ...IMG_0991

We rested ...


Overall, we had a great time helping out our friends down south and it was a big blessing to all of us who participated.

Team Season Begins!

Delayed by a HUGE snowstorm, our friends from Love & Truth Church in Jackson, TN finally made it here!  During their time here, they ministered to the children in the homes by taking them on a field trip to La Paz Waterfall Gardens.  It was such a special treat for the kids!  Each child was paired up with a team member and enjoyed the day seeing the sights, enjoying good food and fellowship.  Thanks Love & Truth for blessing our kids in such a loving, tangible way! In the butterfly conservatory

Classical Music comes to Costa Rica

This is the second year in a row that we receive a group of musicians from D.C. to the A.P.  They performed in several different venues in our marginal community.  Accompanying the team was a professional guitarist who participated in a duet with Isaac (one of the boys in our homes who has been taking guitar lessons for a year).  We also enjoyed the sounds of the cello, banjo, and an incredibly talented singer who also shared her incredible testimony.


Last year we were a little nervous about taking this group, as we didn’t know if these musicians would be well receive in our neck of the woods (usually hip-hop, reggae, or rap are the preferred genre around here).  To our delight, the community responded incredibly well and we were able to organize a number of new locations to visit this year.  Exposure to the group, has allowed the children in the homes, the daycare, and public school to dream big and realize that they too may one day play an instrument and make a difference through music.


Lending a Helping Hand in Limón.

Team Kansas came ready to roll up their sleeves and lend a helping hand at Pastor Esteban’s church in Limón.  All week they worked diligently preparing to pour a concrete slab for this rural church.  They also had VBS for children in the community in order to teach them about Jesus.  We’re so grateful for a team that is willing to get out of their comfort zone and help a small church make a big difference! IMG_4610


Kid's Camp in Panamá!

We were invited to work alongside our sister church in order to help receive a team and host a kid’s sports camp!  The pastors, Toby & Jocabed, are doing an amazing job reaching out to the people in their marginal community with the gospel of Jesus Christ.  On Sunday, pastor Eddie, shared with the small congregation.


 Toby & Jocabed invited four other churches to participate in the festivities.  There were over 60 children who attended camp.  The theme scripture during the week was:

II Timothy 2:5

And also if anyone competes in athletics, he is not crowned unless he competes according to the rules.

Girl's soccer event

The kids could choose to participate in soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, or swimming.  Of course, tensions ran high from time to time, especially in the girl’s baseball event!

Boy's swimming event

In the evenings, a special speaker shared with the children and during the daytime devotionals we had the opportunity to impart into the kid’s lives.

Morning devotionals.

It was great to meet so many wonderful people and see how God is moving among the children in Panamá!


Ministry News!

We started January out with a Joshua Expeditions team.  They bring their group members out for a day or two to do social work in the host country.  This time they brought a group of 45 youth to the A.P.  The kids worked hard moving lumber to our new “bodega” (warehouse) on our new lot.  So thankful for young people who are willing to serve wherever and whenever needed! Southside Christian Church brought an all men’s team down in order to construct a Sunday School area for a local church in Rio Azul (near the Abraham Project).  The team had to dig out a basement and put up walls and flooring.  Pastor Gilbert was delighted to have the guys there in order to get a much needed job completed!  Now the kids will have a place of their own where they can learn about Jesus!

As far as news from the children’s homes, at the end of last year we had two sets of siblings returned to their families.  Kevin and Maria Celeste had been with us for five months.  Their biological parents did everything that the PANI asked them to do in order to regain their children.  During this process, we had a meeting with the local office and expressed our concerns of reuniting the family.  Kevin struggles with low self esteem issues brought on by an alcoholic step father and an absent mother.  This is the part of the job that is so hard to deal with.  Sometimes it seems like PANI looks out for the interest of the parents rather than those of the children they are supposed to protect.

Jimena and Scarleth were also given back to their mother.  The sisters were only with us for four months.  Their mother was a victim of domestic violence, as were the girls.  Their mother has “supposedly” left that partner and is now raising the girls on her own.  Scarleth, the youngest, cried a lot before she left.  She told our house parents that she did not want to go back.  It’s interesting that even though she was here a short time, she knew exactly where she came from and didn’t want to go back.  Thankfully, their time here was a lesson in unconditional love and the knowledge that to Father God they are priceless!

We are pleased to announce the Kindergarten Graduation of Jefreson and Aislinn on December 11th.  The kids enjoyed their graduation and afterwards an outing with the tios to Pizza Hut.  We are so proud of them.  Please pray for a smooth transition to first grade, as that can be a big adjustment for any child.

Good News!  Good News!  All the kids in the homes passed the school year!  We have made an exception and decided to hold Sol back in first grade, due to a maturity issue.  We feel like this is in her best interest and will help her in the future.

Since Isaac is one of the older kids in the homes, we have decided that instead of going to daycare he will be working with Bruce, our resident missionary.  This has turned out to be a very good thing for him, as he has had to clean a dirty refrigerator in the multi use building, paint, put up a new clothes line for the children’s homes, and more.  This will go a long way in teaching him skills for his future, plus personal responsibility.

We do not take lightly your faithful support over the years.  We trust that as you continue to give, the Lord will pour out His blessings on all that you set your hands to do!

Ministry News!

This summer has been extremely busy for us, however, in all the chaos the Lord never stops challenging us.  Recently, someone shared a word of encouragement.  They told us that the Abraham Project is a lighthouse in our marginal community.  It has been placed as a beacon light to warn others of impending danger, and secondly, the A.P. is a beachhead in enemy territory.  A beachhead is a defended position on a beach, taken from the enemy, from which an attack can be launched!  We have a strategic mission to accomplish!  As part of God’s army, we are tirelessly working the frontlines on behalf of all the little people who cannot defend themselves. During the past couple of months, we have hosted groups from Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, and Washington.  They have helped in every way imaginable: cleaning gutters, painting buildings and fences at the A.P., concrete work, working in the daycare, activities with the children in the homes, working at a local feeding program, sharing at a cell group for unwed mothers, and much more.  For the third year in a row, Team Kentucky was able to go to Rincon de Osa (in the southernmost part of Costa Rica) to aide a church in a rural community.  They sanded and painted the inside walls, mixed concrete by hand in order to build a sidewalk and columns in front of the church.  We are thrilled to be able to help the body of Christ in tangible ways!

It seemed that since the beginning of the year we had been a bit stagnant.  Turn over in the homes had come to a stand still.  After our trip to the U.S earlier this year, we began calling our local PANI offices soliciting more cases.  For some strange reason, nothing was happening.  We had a couple of calls here and there but not much to speak of.  However, over the past couple of months, we have received call after call soliciting space for sibling groups and individual kids.  Thankfully, we have been able to fill the vacancies and currently have 15 children here.

Last month, we hosted a church from Virginia for the very first time  They brought with them professional classical musicians and an opera singer.  One afternoon they gave a private concert for the children in the homes!  What a special treat!  The concert was very much an interactive experience as they musicians involved the kids as much as possible.  Afterwards, the kids were able to ask questions about their particular instruments (cello, violin, and flute) and received some hands-on training.  These kinds of experiences are invaluable!  They help broaden the children’s horizons and allows them to dream of perhaps doing something similar themselves one day!


We are fighting for the wellbeing of every child in our homes.  By giving to Operation Abraham you are contributing to the neediest ones.  Proverbs 28:20 says, “A faithful man will abound with blessings…”  The Lord will not forget your commitment to the children of Costa Rica!

Joshua Expeditions

Over the years, we have had the privilege of hosting teams from a ministry based in McKinney, Texas called Joshua Expeditions.  Joshua Expeditions brings high school students down in order to enjoy the host country and serve at a local ministry.  This past week, we hosted a Joshua team from Pennsylvania that got down and got dirty.  Among their “chores” was cleaning out a gutter outside the project.  The owner of the lot never cuts the grass and it has overgrown into the gutter.  With rainy season here, the gutter has gotten clogged up with debris.  These kids worked hard to unclog that mess and did a lot of other things around the A.P.   They were a tremendous blessing!




Teams are always a blessing around these parts!  We've already hosted a number of groups and are gearing up for the busy summer months ahead.  Our short term groups have blessed the children’s homes with pajamas, flip-flops, school supplies,  homemade meals, and spring cleaning!  We are grateful for these tangible acts of kindness!




Already in 2012, we have been incredibly blessed to have five short-term teams come and serve at the Abraham Project. It’s always such an encouragement to see people take time out of their daily lives and come down willing to serve.  This year, one of the biggest projects that every team has worked on is La Cancha. The “cancha” is the dirt floor that will one day be the floor to the new church building that is in the process of being constructed.  In order for concrete to be poured however, six inches of the dirt had to be dug out first.  Talk about some hard labor.  The volunteers who have come down willingly wielded pick-axes, shovels, and wheelbarrows to get this seemingly endless task done.  As the saying goes, “many hands make light work,” and although the work clearly wasn’t ‘light’ it probably would have taken our local workers months to do this job without the teams’ help.  So we are incredibly thankful for every volunteer’s effort!

In addition to the cancha, the teams have done much more to bless the Abraham Project.  Whether here for a day or more than a week, here are a few more highlights of how the teams contributed:

  • A Joshua Expedition Team from Tulsa, OK came to serve for one day and “broke ground” on the cancha
  • Grace Community Chapel came from New Brunswick, NJ for the third consecutive year and brought care packages for all the kids including brand new shoes.  They continued the work on the cancha, as well as did songs, Bible stories, and games with the Children's Homes.
  • Love and Truth Church, who has been coming from Jackson TN to serve here since 2007, did electrical work and took the Children’s Homes to the park and to ride Go-Karts.
  • Grace Community Church, the home church of missionaries Jason and Kerby Harpst, came from Clarksville, TN for a week in mid-January.   It was their third consecutive trip.  They spent a lot of time doing activities with the daycare and took the Children's Homes to the Amusement Park.
  • A team of high school girls from Whitefield Academy in Louisville, KY made their debut trip to the Project from February 15-22.  Not only did they finish digging the cancha, but they also brought clothes, shoes, and household goods for Children's Homes.

The energy, effort, and encouragement the volunteer teams bring to the missionaries and local workers here is invaluable.  The Project wouldn’t be where it’s at today without these teams!

Southside Christian Church - Harrodsburg, KY

We welcomed back our good friends from Southside Christian Church in Harrodsburg, Kentucky.  Southside was in Costa Rica for a two week stint so we took advantage of the "extra" time and took them to to Rincon de Osa to rebuild a church.  This particular church received warning from the Ministry of Health that their doors would be closed if they did not upgrade the building to meet the new standards.  Although it was extremely hot and humid, the trip was a great success as we were able to reconstruct the building from the footers up to the top of the block walls.  Basically, the remaining portion is putting the trusses and metal roof on.

 In addition to the construction, the group was able to participate in a youth service and the mission pastor was able to preach on Sunday morning.  There was some time for relaxation as we ventured out to fish in a bay on the Pacific Ocean and I must say the fishing was very good!  Not only did we eat fish, but we were also surprised when they served iguana one day.  Like anything else, it tasted like chicken!