The Abraham Project is blessed each year to host 20 to 25 short-term mission teams from all over the United States. The needs of the Abraham Project are great and the mission teams are seen as the Lord’s provision to accomplish what He has called this community to do. 

We would love to hear from you if you have a group interested in coming down to Costa Rica to serve alongside us. We ask that the groups be flexible, organized, and willing to serve in our areas of greatest need.

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Estimated Costs

Below is a list of estimated expenses for a missions trip:

The average cost for a team to come for one week to the Abraham Project is approximately $550 – $650 per person.

This amount includes all the group’s expenses except for the following:

  • Mandatory evacuation insurance for each group member
  • Airfare and baggage fees
  • Miscellaneous personal expenses such as souvenirs
  • Tips for drivers (this is optional) 

The amount above can vary depending on the size of the group, the amount of traveling the group does, and the fun day activity that is chosen.

**Please see “Note About Expenses” in the Team Packet.**

Team Packet

Information regarding Medical Insurance:

We require each team member to purchase insurance. The insurance purchased for the team must cover overseas medical emergencies and evacuation. The plan should include repatriation, which is emergency medical transportation back to the states in extreme cases.

Some teams in the past have used the Missionary Insurance Group, Inc. Please inform the Abraham Project Team Coordinator which insurance company you choose, with details of its coverage, before you come to Costa Rica.


You make a Difference

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