The Giffin Family

Our family is forever indebted to the Abraham Project. Two years ago, we welcomed a son and daughter from Costa Rica into our family. The Abraham Project provided a safe, loving, Christian environment in which our children thrived for over 3 years. Not only were my orphaned children able to experience the love of a “family" in their small “home” at the AP, but they were taught Biblical truths. We have been amazed at how well they were prepared to join our forever family. They have adjusted beautifully to life in the States, and they are physically and mentally healthy. Both children were exposed to English at the Abraham Project, so they have acquired the language very quickly. They are making excellent grades and strides in school. They are happy children, and we can’t imagine life without them. We are so grateful that they were able to spend those years at the Abraham Project before we were able to bring them home! We can’t wait to return to Costa Rica and serve as a family at the Abraham Project.

Written By: Sam and Janie Giffin